Hire a Calligrapher

Are you seeking a calligrapher to design your wedding invitation or marriage certificate? Address envelopes? Design a logo? Letter a meaningful quotation or unique award certificate? Create a family tree? Completing memorial books for a church or organization? Purchase artwork or supplies?

A number of our talented members provide services on commission or artwork or lettering related products and materials, so if you find yourself in need of calligraphic/lettering services, you’ve come to the right place! For the interim, email the Calligraphic Arts Guild if you are interested in hiring a calligrapher at info@calligraphicartstoronto.ca and provide us with as much information as you can.

New in September! CAGT Professional calligraphers available for hire will be listed below and their calligraphic related products for sale will be posted on this page.

Prospective patrons should contact the Guild or calligrapher as early as possible—preferably a month or more before your deadline, several if it is a large job. Time availability, the nature of the work and process involved in commissioning factors into the completion of a project.

  • By what date do you need the lettering work completed?
  • What is the volume of work (e.g. number of envelopes)?
  • Do you have a style of lettering or script in mind, or an example?
  • Do you have the media already (e.g. envelopes, certificate, etc.)?
  • Do you want colour or gold ink used?

Currently the Guild will send out the request to active calligraphers on our list. In September contact them directly for more information and/or a quote for services and entering into an agreement with you for calligraphy services.

Skill levels and prices vary considerably, so we offer these suggestions in selecting a calligrapher:

Ask for samples similar to the type of work you need. For unique commissions, ask to see the calligrapher’s portfolio.
Contact several calligraphers for a cost estimate for your particular job.
Regarding your work agreement, be specific in the following areas:

  • Price (or breakdown of charges)
  • Completion date/turnaround time
  • Pickup/delivery options
  • Minimum quantities necessary for the job
  • Materials that will be used (ink, colors, paper, etc.)
  • And ask for advice before purchasing paper, frames, or other materials.

Feel free to ask for references and discuss the calligrapher’s background, training and experience. Our members appreciate the art of hands-on beautiful calligraphy and are pleased that you see value in this art form to consider a commission!