May 11 to May 31, 2021

CAGT Exhibition 2021



Are you a hula-hoop master? Were you a Spirograph fan? Is the Merry-Go-Round your favourite ride? Take the on-ramp with our 2021 exhibition, Roundabout. Let yourself be inspired by all things circular: rings, loops, hoops.

Visit the Parkside Gallery to see the artwork.

Exhibition Coordinators: Nancy Moniz and Lee Thureson

Thank you to Mark Lurz for the logo design.


Sets Us OPart


The Guild’s 2020 exhibition asked artists/calligraphers to consider the realm of optics: Are things as they appear? Can your eyes play tricks on you? Can you dazzle with your colours, contrasts and layouts? Calligraphy is rarely paired with optical illusions, magic tricks, and eye-popping colour, so we are trail blazing to create eye candy. View the online exhibition.

Exhibition Coordinators: Nancy Moniz and Lee Thureson