Programs by other Calligraphic Organizations

Interested in modern or traditional calligraphy? Learning scripts using tools such as the broad edge pen, pointed pen, brush, marker, ruling and folded pens? Art techniques from illumination, book and paper arts?

On-line courses are widely available on the Zoom platform. A diversity of courses featuring local, regional and international instructors are offered by other organizations both on-line and at conferences.

If you have questions about any of the on-line classes or programs, please contact the organization or instructor.  The Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto does not have additional information these classes. Please view our Learn page for upcoming CAGT courses.
Calligraphers can also search the Eventbrite platform for a range of programs in calligraphy, lettering art, typography, graphic design and more.
Listed below are links to calligraphy events taught by many of the best instructors worldwide. Subscribe to their mailing lists to hear when learning opportunities become available; popular classes fill up quickly!
Check out our Affiliates page for Canadian and North American Guilds who are now offering on-line courses to non-members.

Current Courses or Programs Available

Acorn Arts offers online calligraphy and art classes

Ardington Academy offers online arts and crafts workshops including lettering

Calligraphy Italia organizes online calligraphy workshops

John Neal Books maintains a list of links to online workshops
Website: – Classes/Events/Guilds

Quarantined Calligraphers…A Lesson to be Learned
On Facebook. Join this private group annually with Carol DuBosch before January 1st to learn tips and find workshop opportunities.