French Round Hand – Online Course

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Vivian Mungall
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French Round Hand – On-line

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February 27, 2021
Time 10:00 am to 12:00 pm EST. Zoom platform and Password Required


Vivian Mungall

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Intermediate and /or some familiarity with the broad edge pen.



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“Ronde” script appeared in France at the end of the 16th century. Its popularity grew in the 17th century by writing masters such as Louis Barbedor, born in 1589 and a son of a master writer. When the Parliament of Paris wanted to standardization of the writing style, Louis was placed in charge of writing the reference copy of the “round letter”. His copy was chosen in a judgment on February 26, 1633. La Ronde was in use (with some modifications) into the 20th century.

French Round Hand called La Ronde in France is one of Vivian’s favorite broad pen hands. She uses it for poems, sayings and lines of emphasis on awards and certificates. It is an interesting style with its heavy upright strokes that have a round look and where the letters are joined like cursive. This delightful hand can be stretched to make a short quote appear longer and it is good to make key words in awards and certificates stand out.

Instructor Information

Vivian Mungall studied calligraphy with Larry Menser in Plantation, Florida. She moved to Kansas City, Missouri and met Stephen A. Ziller, a 1932 graduate of the Zanerian College in Columbus, Ohio, and the second owner of the engrossing stu­dio founded in 1895 by Frederick W. Tamblyn. Vivian started to work with Steve Ziller in 1983. The studio creates certificates, diplomas, awards, scrolls and resolutions for a wide range of associations, corporations and schools nationwide.


Vivian specializes in broad pen lettering, copperplate and illumination. She was recognized as an IAMPETH Master Penman at the 2002 Conference. In 2009, she became President of IAMPETH and hosted the annual conference in Orlando in 2010. She is Vice President, Web Master and teacher for her guild, Scribes of Central Florida.

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Calligraphy Kit, Parallel pen 3.8mm
Paper of your choice suitable for ink

After registration is confirmed students will be provided with handouts and information.


Attendees will need to know how to use a Pilot Parallel Pen and can letter at least one broad pen hand.

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