Enchanted Meadow with Heather Victoria Held

‘Bunny in the Forest’
Medium: Watercolour and Gold
Size: TBC
Heather Victoria Held
Course Title

Enchanted Meadow with Heather Victoria Held

Dates & Times

October 19 and 20, 2019
9:30 am to 4:00 pm Studio Opens at 9:00 p.m.


Heather Victoria Held

Skill Level

This is an intermediate to advanced level class.



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Early Bird Deadline: September 12, 2019.
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If you enjoy the fairytale qualities of illumination you will love this class! Students will learn how to design a painted Acanthus leaf foliate spray to surround a delightful meadow creature. Inspired by the unique and surprising miniature paintings in historic illuminated manuscripts, the student will be guided through painting techniques to create these whimsical miniatures. Guides will be provided for the meadow creatures while the student creates their unique foliate spray. Unleash the magic!!!!

Instructor Information

Heather Victoria Held began her pointed pen journey in 2003. She is a certified floral designer and worked in the floral industry for 18 years before picking up the pointed pen. She has an extensive background in Victorian needlework and dimensional embroidery. Both her floral training and embroidery skills play a part in her teaching and understanding of calligraphic arts. Her unique designs reflect her love of the Victorian era and the ornamental designs of that period. Her work has appeared in multiple magazines, newspapers, books and newsletters and is in private collections throughout the world. She specializes in Offhand Flourishing, Gilding and painted miniatures.


Students are expected to bring:

Note: It is not necessary to have the exact supplies that I have listed. If you have a favourite brand of watercolour and watercolour brush, please feel free to substitute. There are some colours that are ‘must have’ colours for this course. Artist Grade watercolour is better than student grade. If you have questions about supplies, please contact me directly at heather@heathervictoriaheld.com.

  • Mechanical pencil any size
    4B pencil
    Tracing paper
    Graph Paper or Gridded Journal
    Kneaded Eraser
    Scotch Repositionable Tape
    piece of mat board or heavy cardboard to act as a painting surface. (This should be cut larger
    than your 5×7 watercolour paper)
    140 lb. Hot press watercolour paper, cut to 5×7 size. We will use 5 or 6 pieces in this
    class.(Save your off cuts of Hot Press Watercolour paper for testing paint mixes)
    Note taking supplies
    Paper Towels, an old kitchen towel or old washcloth
    Two small water-dishes
    Small white china plate (used for mixing paints)
    A handheld magnifier can be very helpful in this class.
    Straight holder with a medium stiff nib such as a Gillott 404
    McCaffery Brown Ink or Ziller Buffalo Brown Ink (Sepia watercolour may be used for this step if you are unable to get the brown ink)
    Pointed Watercolour Brushes: Size 1, 0 and 00 (I like to use Raphael Series 8408 pointed round if are able to get them. I also love the Isabey Series 6229 in sizes 3 and 4 available from Ken Bromley in the UK. An inexpensive and versatile substitute is from Rosemary and Co in the UK.
    Series 33 brushes are my favourite. Be sure to request a newsletter/catalogue from Rosemary and Co. when ordering from them. Synthetic brushes will also work. You just need to make sure they are pointed and not flat.
  • Palette: My watercolours are dispensed in small amounts on a Mijello 18 well lightweight travel palette (available inexpensively through amazon.com). Please bring something similar if you are bringing tube paints, or the Heather Held Dot Card of Daniel Smith paint from John Neal Booksellers.
    Gilding Supplies: one sheet of 23K gold leaf, small scissors to cut the gold leaf, gilding medium such as Miniatum ink, synthetic brush for applying gilding size to small areas ( I use a size 00 for this).
    ***Any gold watercolour or gouache may be used instead of genuine gold leaf if you do not want to invest in gilding supplies (Finetec Gold or Holbein Brilliant Gold Suggested)
  • Watercolour: any brand of artist grade watercolour will work.
    Must have colours for the Enchanted Meadow Animal:
    Quinacridone Gold
    Burnt Sienna
    Burnt Umber
    Titanium White or Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleedproof White
  • We will be painting florals and foliage to surround our Enchanted Meadow
    Animals. The easiest and most economical way to purchase the needed
    colours and optional colours for this workshop is through John Neal
    Booksellers who sells the Heather Held Dot Card of Daniel Smith
    Watercolours Item # S994 priced $10.95. This is more than enough
    paint for the workshop.
    Colours that I commonly use in The Enchanted Meadow flowers and foliage:
    Permanent Sap Green, Terra Verte, Serpentine Green
    Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Coral
    Lemon Yellow,
    Daniel Smith Rose of Ultramarine, Cobalt Violet
    French Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Payne’s Grey, Manganese Blue

This class assumes some background with watercolour and gilding techniques. Review Supply List.

Course Fee

Members and Friends: $155 Early Bird Rate $145
Non-Members: $195 Early Bird Rate $185



Studio A2

Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC)
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