Decorating and Illuminating Letters

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An information packed evening of varying techniques used to decorate letters.  Ramona showed us how to use Aquarelle watercolour pencils over debossed letters, Nancy took on gold gilded initials, and Susan demonstrated a variety of explorations with colours and patterns.  Mark talked about famed Sherri Kiesel-styled capitals, which Nicol plays with above.

September Meeting – Ramona Matthews

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In an informative presentation, Ramona Matthews imparts the history of Roman Cursive Writing, dated from about the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. Archaeologic findings of ink on wafer thin wooden tablets found near Hadrian’s wall in Vindolanda were discussed, as well as the the more commonly found diptychs. The laymen’s mode of handwriting for graffiti, inventories, invitations and general communications was compared to the structure of our present alphabet.