CAGT Meetings

CAGT meets at Neilson Park Creative Centre (NPCC) in Studio A 2 on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. or Sunday afternoons at 1:00 p.m., as scheduled. IN STUDIO MEETINGS ARE POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY 2022. For more information, please contact us at


Meeting Format

September to December 2021—members can attend monthly meetings on-line in the Zoom format for planned presentations. Invitations and passwords will be emailed to full members prior to the monthly meeting.

Both CAGT and NPCC ( sometimes offer additional open studio time. Pay $5 on the day to work with others, get inspired or receive help from experienced calligraphers. Masks and table coverings will be required.

ZOOM – To join our on-line meetings, download Zoom ( on to your computer or mobile device.
You can also join using your landline or mobile phone without video—similar to a conference call. In that case, you do not have to download Zoom. Dial 647-558-0588, then enter the Meeting ID, then password.
Tips for participating via Zoom

Meeting Topics

We’d like to hear from you about ideas and people who might like to  lead, share or co-host; on-line or in the studio. Speak to Ramona Matthews or Charlene Sam; or email

Calligraphy Kit

Bring your kit to meetings or classes so you have your learning tools on hand!  Contents can include sketchbook and/or notebook and pencil/lead holder, silent pencil sharpener, ruler, bone folder, scissors, tracing paper, cutting mat and knife, glue stick, markers, pen holder/nibs, ink and tools or materials you prefer.

Meetings 2020/2021

Thursday, September 10

Nibs & Numbers: the Broad Edge Edition—Mark Lurz
Studio will be open for Library access plus a livestream Zoom meeting is planned. Registration is required for in-studio and/or to obtain your password plus receive a handout and material list.
Register by email with subject heading ‘Number it Up’.

Thursday, October 8

Designing Borders—Michele Nidenoff
It’s Culture Days! We welcome Members, Friends and the arts community to a free livestream Zoom presentation starting at 8 p.m. Registration is required for in-studio and/or to obtain your password plus receive a handout and material list. Register by email with subject heading ‘Border Design with Calligraphy’. Studio will be open for library access.

Thursday, November 12

Annual General Meeting—election of Executive Board and other business begins at 7:00 pm.
An Artist’s JourneyLily Yee-Sloan
Lily shares her personal story of a 40-year love affair with letters. Slideshow begins at 7:30 pm.

Livestream via Zoom.

Thursday, December 10

Seasonal Card Exchange

Sunday, January 10

Livestream via Zoom.

Lunar New Year and the Brush with Sally Penley
Celebrate the Lunar New Year! Experience the joy of “sumi mark-making” as you learn to use the sumi brush and a variety of other commercial and makeshift tools to create vibrant and lively sumi marks.

Sally Penley is a graphic designer and lettering artist living in Olympia, WA who has had a wonderful calligraphic journey and career making marks and art.

Calligraphy kit
A basic pointed sumi brush (small to medium size – both if you have)
Pointed pen, sumi ink
Various papers – some smooth, some textured like watercolour paper
Water container, paper towels, makeshift tools of items found around the house

Livestream via Zoom. Free to Members and Friends of CAGT.

Sunday, February 14

Nibs & Numbers: the Pointed Pen Edition—Salman Khattak

In this month’s meeting we will be drawing numerals with a pointed pen. We will start with the ‘standard’ roundhand style as well as study some conventions when using numerals in business documents. We will then study some variations and look at some modern examples. We will also briefly touch on Spencerian numerals.

There has been a request to talk a little about flourishing. Since the meeting is on Valentine’s day, it makes sense that we explore drawing flourished hearts in a special segment named ‘Be still my flourishing heart’.

Smooth paper of your choice, pointed nib and holder (your preference of straight or oblique), ink

Livestream via Zoom. Free to Members and Friends of CAGT.

Thursday, March 11

Pointed Pen Artistry—Heather Victoria Held

The pointed pen is a versatile precision writing instrument that also gives striking ornamental effects when pressure is added. In this brief presentation, we will go beyond the pressure and release capabilities of the pen while exploring a Victorian pen etching technique that can be added to your calligraphic work.

Simple florals, leaves, lines and curves will help us compose these designs which can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Your favourite pointed pen in a straight pen holder (oblique holders are not needed) You will be creating light etching strokes on the paper without using a lot of pressure. I suggest a Hunt 22 or Gillott 404 or a  Zebra G. Avoid very flexible nibs such as the Leonardt EF Principal.
Either Ink, Gouache or Watercolour. Walnut ink works well. (Heather doesn’t recommend fountain pen inks—they are not lightfast) Colour such as Payne’s Grey or Prussian Blue for dramatic effects.
Small, pointed round brush, water dish and paper towel
Your favourite practice paper or Strathmore 400 series Drawing paper
A few coloured pencils are another option for adding colour during the demonstration.

Livestream via Zoom. Free to Members. Friends of CAGT are welcome to register for $25 when registration opens on March 1.

Thursday, April 8

Wedge Brush Botanicals—Phyllis Macaluso

During this month’s meeting, Phyllis Macaluso presents a half-hour presentation where you can admire her dexterity with a wedge brush while taking notes as she demonstrates.

Livestream via Zoom. Free to Members and Friends of CAGT.

Thursday, May 13

2021 CAGT Exhibition Reception

Thursday, June 17

Passionate Pointed Brush—Julie Wildman

The pointed brush is one of the most versatile tools in a calligrapher’s toolbox. From elegant flourishes to bold, chunky strokes, the pointed brush gives the scribe a myriad of options. In this mini-class, we will start with a series of basic stroke exercises, analyzing how the brush works when both pressure and release are applied. We will then move into writing some words and phrases. Hopefully, this introduction to the pointed brush will encourage you to further explore this wonderful tool!

Julie Wildman is a Chicago-based graphic designer, commercial lettering artist, calligrapher, and teacher. With over 25 years of experience, she has a range of innovative lettering skills and brings her expertise and enthusiasm to the Zoom classroom.

Course Level intermediate and advanced


Brush options—one of the following:
1 Pentel pointed brush (black) or
1 water brush, pointed with medium 12 mm tip (e.g., Niji, Aquash, or Pentel) or
Winsor & Newton Series 7, sable, pointed round size 2 if you already own or
1 rubber-tipped brush marker such as Tombow or Ecoline—these are not preferred for learning brush lettering since they don’t have bristles; however, if access to supplies is limited, they will be fine for this short class

Writing fluid options:
Small bottle of sumi or walnut ink and a small cup to hold the ink
1 tube of gouache (any colour) and a small bottle of distilled water. A tiny bit of gum arabic if you already own.

Paper options:
Practice paper with a bit of tooth that doesn’t bleed when using wet media—about 10 sheets. Suggestions: Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper or 12” x 18” Pacon Sulphite drawing paper.
Any quality paper scraps in one or two colours such as white or in particular dark or black (if using gouache). Suggestions: Arches Text Wove, Canson Mi-Tientes Black, Ingres Black, or Arches Black Cover, watercolour paper cold press (rough), Nideggen.

Water and water container; rag or paper towels; favourite quotes, verses or phrases
6-well mixing palette and mixing brush (only if using gouache)

Livestream via Zoom. Free to Members. Friends of CAGT are welcome to register for $25.

Thursday, July 8

Summer Fun

Thursday, August 12

More Summer Fun